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Get Flexible! with Nerve Flossing Buy Bundle (28 videos) Get Flexible! with Nerve Flossing


Neural flossing is a term for stretching nerves. Your nerves stretch just like your muscles -- of course! Otherwise we'd be very, very stiff creatures. But sometimes some nerves can become irritated or compressed due to a number of different factors, and this results in pain, reduced mobility, and loss of coordination in areas of the body. In this workshop we will get to know some of the main nerves that traverse our bodies, the areas that they innervate, and how to floss these nerves.  This means doing some very unusual looking movements, which will hopefully bring lots of laughter and smiles! Finally we will explore how to easily add these movements to typical yoga postures so that we can get our neural flossing in while on our yoga mats.


I found the Neural Flossing workshop so informative and different. I learned all about movement and our nervous system. You can really tell that Adell knows her stuff and is passionate about this topic!  - Jennifer Mallette

I loved the way Adell explained in a very accessible way how influential neural flossing can be for increasing your mobility by stimulating the (neural) communication between body and brain.  The drills she offers target a variety of body parts and muscle groups and can easily be implemented in a daily movement practice like Adell shows in a fun yoga flow. I would 100% recommend the workshop! - Jana Gabalmann


• An email to prepare you for the workshop, to ensure you get the most out of it.

• The workshop is divided into 14 videos, so that you can move through them at your own pace -- do all 2 hours at once, or take your time!

• Each neural flossing exercise lives in its own video so you can easily access these drills again and again.

• Downloadable PDF of the visual aid presentation

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