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THE EYE-OPENING POWER OF DRISHTI ON HOW YOU MOVE: Your brain's main priority is to keep you safe, and it does this by interpreting the world around you as either "safe and sound" or "stranger danger" Your vision is the first way your brain gets information, and yet we overlook our eye muscles in our movement practice, while our everyday lives are spent generally looking straight ahead. In this workshop, Adell is going to share with you a whole bunch of science and the super easy drills that you can do that match this science. Get ready to unlock more of your body's potential for confident, coordinated movement by simply changing what you do with your eyes.


Adell's training is superb. Not only does she deliver precisely what is set out, even more effort is put in to what is available afterwards as resource – just the little thing of breaking down a 2.5 hour video into the relevant sections was super useful when I was class planning. The sessions are ridiculously informative, and fun, and filled with explanations, examples, activities, and Q&A. The knowledge and understanding on how to use my eyes properly now really is eye-opening (sorry) and has immediately made a difference to my body movement and posture. - Miz DeShannon

In her workshop dedicated to the influence and power of ones visual system on movement, Adell not only provides very interesting and informative background knowledge but also effective little drills that are easy to incorporate in any movement routines and daily life. This workshop really made me look at movement with different eyes and inspired to add more awareness to my practice! - Jana Gabalmann


• The workshop is divided into 8 videos, so that you can move through them at your own pace -- do all 2 hours at once, or take your time!

• Downloadable PDF of the visual aid presentation

• Unlimited access!

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USD $39.99